• Taxi Booking Software

    Our Taxi Booking Software and reservation system is ideal for any taxi or private-hire transfer business. However, our pluging “software” can be integrated in any type of website, like wordpress, joomla, html etc…

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  • Taxi Website Design

    If you are setting up a new Taxi firm, Private-Hire or Airport Transfer Business our taxi booking software can provide you with all the essential tools to make your business an online success.

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    We appreciate that not every business model will be the same. If you would like to discuss your particular business model, please contact us today. If you have a particular Software Request, please fill out the Software Request form and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

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Our Taxi Booking Software has a simple mission; to provide customised software for Taxi and Vehicle Hire Companies that will take their business to the next level.

Our Taxi fare calculator software is one of the most advanced private-taxi and airport transfer Fare Calculators available. When customers are searching online to book a taxi, cab or airport transfer, our Taxi Booking Software provides an easy-to-use and immediate fare quotation and reservation system with online payment facility – their entire journey booked and, where required, paid for in a matter of minutes.

The Taxi Booking Software provides a simple step-by-step solution for both customers and taxi-hire companies in response to the increasing demand in the travel industry to provide immediate private taxi-hire and airport transfer bookings online.

The system is both easy to integrate and easy to manage and provides any private taxi-hire or airport transfer business with complete control over the core considerations when calculating the cost of a fare and managing customer transfer bookings.

The Online Taxi Booking Software is an attractive tool that will bring more visitors to your website, increasing this essential revenue stream. The system provides your Company with online reservations that are fully trackable online from time of booking to delivery of the client at their final destination.

Discover more about the dynamic features of the Online Taxi Booking Software and how effectively the Calculator will work for your business: Click Here

Benefits to Your Customers

customers-benefitsProviding an Taxi Booking Software gives customers the flexibility to make a booking with a taxi or airport transfer firm without any delay or hassle when they arrive off their flight. Those travelling internationally need not worry unnecessarily about any language barriers or delays in waiting. Having booked and paid online, their driver will be waiting and ready to transport them without delay to their final destination. Customers enjoy the assurance they are dealing with a reliable, safe and professional private taxi-hire or airport Transfer Company and it makes it a lot more efficient if both customer and company have an agreed in advance the cost of fare for their journey.

  • Immediate online quotation and advance booking
  • Booking possible in multi-languages
  • Secure, on-line and upfront payment possible
  • Printable Itinerary and Trackable service
  • Ability to Cancel Reservation online
  • Reliable service and will most likely use again
  • Taxi Booking Software Benefits

    With increasing demand for Customers to book airport transfers and private taxi-hire services online, FARE BOOKINGS fare calculator and taxi booking sofware system provides a clear solution to this demand.
    The attractive layout and logical workflow ensures that visitors can navigate easily through the process and complete their taxi-booking with ease.

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  • Taxi Booking Software Features

    • 100% Responsive & Retina Ready
    • Immediate Fare Quotation
    • Online Payment / Paypal
    • Company Admin Panel / User Admin Panel
    • Advanced Pricing
    • Multilanguage
    • Assign Driver to Reservation

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Taxi Booking Software

Our Online Fare Calculator provides an easy solution to a growing demand in the travel industry. With more and more people travelling internationally on both business and pleasure trips, the Internet is now the main source through which their travel arrangements are completed and customers can book a taxi to or from the Airports online.

The  Taxi Booking Software system provides a professional, reliable and secure service that gives your customers the confidence to book your services. It is extremely user-friendly and the booking process completed in just a few short steps.

Taxi Fare Calculator Software

Online Taxi Booking Software

Taxi Booking Software – Immediate Fare Quotation

This vital service means your customer does not need to wait for a quotation response by email. A time delay like this could result in the customer looking elsewhere for a quotation.

Taxi Booking Software – Transfer Bookings made Online

Booking their private taxi or airport transfer online eliminates the risk of losing a customer who may not be able to connect on a busy phone line.
Though, for whatever reason, you may need to follow up with the Customer after they place their booking, making contact will be an easy step as they will have provided all their contact details on the booking form.

Taxi Booking Software – Payment Integration

Online Taxi Booking Software

Online Taxi Booking Software

The customer can pay their fare upfront by Credit Card or Paypal. Secure payment facilities create and increase consumer confidence in your services and leads to fewer cancellations for your taxi company. A Confirmation of Booking creates both a receipt and printable itinerary for both driver and passenger.

Taxi Booking Software – Special Requirements

Customers travelling with sports equipment, over-sized luggage or even taking their pets with them can request a price for these extra services. Knowing the precise requirements of the customer, your taxi company can provide a full quotation without delay and the customer will proceed with their reservation. Providing this level of customer service will lead to positive reviews about the services offered by your taxi firm and to a greater chance of repeat bookings.

Taxi Booking Software – Multi-lingual Capabilities

Online Taxi Booking Software

Online Taxi Booking Software

Communicating directly to customers in their native language can be a challenge or, depending on the language skills of your taxi-drivers, an impossible reach. As the Online Taxi Fare Calculator can be provided as multi-language platform, the customer can calculate the fare-cost, book their private taxi or airport transfer and receive their travel itinerary in their preferred language. Your Driver will have no concerns about trying to interpret any information related to the journey.

Taxi Booking Software – Don’t Keep You Customers Waiting!

Or worse, don’t have them looking online to book with another firm! The majority of people around the world use the Internet as their preferred method to book taxi and airport transfer services online. Integrating the Online Fare Calculator onto your website means that your private Transfer or Taxi-hire business have a solution to this growing market demand and will remain competitive within the travel related industry.

Our Taxi Booking Software online calculator and reservation system is ideal for any taxi or private-hire transfer business. However, if you have a business and feel the calculator may work for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Taxi Booking Software – Mobile Calculator

Online Taxi Booking Software

Online Taxi Booking Software

FARE BOOKINGS have developed a mobile web based solution that is designed to run effectively on any Smartphone and enables your customers to see the taxi-fare online, make a reservation and pay for your service simply and cost effectively via their mobile phone.

Offering such a convenient and simple method to book their private-taxi hire or Airport Transfer, will encourage customers back to use your services time and again.

Please check our demo mobile calculator in Smartphone: Here

Online Taxi Booking Software

Online Taxi Booking Software

Taxi Booking Software – Website Design / Rebuild

Taxi booking software focuses on all the essential fare-calculation and taxi reservation tools to make your business website an online success.

We have a team of a highly-experienced designers who build websites in a variety of languages and with a clear understanding of what is required in the taxi business to maximise the potential of your website.

We offer a very competitive package to include website design and integration of all the essential taxi-booking services that are needed to give your business a professional and effective presence that customers will trust.

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